Abyssinian Flag Abyssinia

Algerian Flag ALGERIA

Angolan Flag ANGOLA

Belgian Congo Flag Belgian Congo

Benin Flag BENIN

Biafra Flag Biafra

Boswana Flag BOTSWANA

Burkina Faso Flag BURKINA FASO

Burundi Flag BURUNDI

Cameroon Flag CAMEROON

Cape Verde Flag CAPE VERDE

Central African Republic Flag CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC

Ceuta Flag Ceuta

Chadian Flag CHAD

Rep. Congolese Flag CONGO (Republic)

DR Congolese Flag CONGO (Democratic Republic)

Cote d'Ivoire Flag CÔTE D'IVOIRE

Djibouti Flag DJIBOUTI

Egyptian Flag EGYPT

Equatorial Guinea Flag EQUATORIAL GUINEA

Eritrean Flag ERITREA

Eswatini Flag ESWATINI

Ethiopian Flag ETHIOPIA

Gabonese Flag GABON

Galmudug Flag Galmudug

Ghambian Flag GAMBIA

Ghanese Flag GHANA

Guinean Flag GUINEA

Guinea-Bissau Flag GUINEA-BISSAU

Ifni Flag Ifni

Abyssinian Flag Italian East Africa

Ivory Coast Flag IVORY COAST

Katanga Flag KATANGA

Kenyan Flag KENYA

Lesotho Flag LESOTHO

Liberian Flag LIBERIA

Libyan Flag LIBYA

Madagascan Flag MADAGASCAR

Malawian Flag MALAWI

Malian Flag MALI

Mauritanian Flag MAURITANIA

Melilla Flag Melilla

Moroccan Flag MOROCCO

Mozambique Flag MOZAMBIQUE

Namibian Flag NAMIBIA

Niger Flag NIGER

Nigerian Flag NIGERIA

Puntland Flag Pemba Island

 Flag Puntland

Rhodesian Flag Rhodesia

Belgian Flag Ruanda-Urundi

Rwandan Flag RWANDA

Sao Tome and Principe Flag SÃO TOMÉ and PRINCIPE

Senegalese Flag SENEGAL

Sierra Leone Flag SIERRA LEONE

Somalian Flag SOMALIA

Somaliland Flag Somaliland

South African Flag SOUTH AFRICA

South Sudanese Flag SOUTH SUDAN

Spanish Moroccan Flag Spanish Morocco

Spanish Sahara Flag Spanish Sahara

Sudanese Flag SUDAN

Tanganyika Flag (1919-1961) TANGANYIKA

Tangier Flag Tangier

Tanzanian Flag TANZANIA

Togolese Flag TOGO

Tunisian Flag TUNISIA

Ugandan Flag UGANDA

Western Sahara Flag Western Sahara

Zaire Flag ZAIRE

Zambian Flag ZAMBIA

Zanzibar Flag Zanzibar

Zimbawan Flag ZIMBABWE