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Souvenir, Booster & Commemorative License Plates
American Indian "Fantasy" License Plates
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Souvenir or commemorative license plates are manufactured to mark a certain event or advertise a certain group, sports team, etc. They are for collection purposes only as they are not recognized as legal license plates by any jurisdiction even though these plates often look like genuine license plates.

Booster license plates are similar to souvenir plates but they are usually flat without an embossed "registration".

Special Event license plates do not fall into this category as these plates can be legally displayed for a limited period of time often along with the original license plates of the vehicle and they are indeed recognized by jurisdictions during such time. For examples of such plates see the Event License Plates page.

Souvenir, Booster & Commemorative License Plates

Souvenir License Plates

American Indian "Fantasy" License Plates

American Indian Fantasy Plates
American Indian "Fantasy" license plates have turned up for sale on eBay from time to time. They were apparently designed to give the impression of a license plate issued by a Native American Indian tribe in the United States. However, they are not issued by any tribe nor are they recognized by any jurisdiction and are to be considered souvenir license plates.

For examples of legitimate license plates of recognized tribes in the United States, see the Native American Indians by Status page.

Sealand Flag Principality of Sealand

Sealand Souvenir License Plate Sealand Vicinity Map

Sealand is an abandoned World War II anti-aircraft platform in the Thames Estuary. It is just outside Great Britain's three mile territorial water limit.
In 1967, it was occupied by the British businessman Roy Bates and his family. He proclaimed himself Prince Roy and the platform to be the "Principality of Sealand".
The British Home Office (Interior Ministry) issued a statement saying that in the British government's view Sealand remains British territory.
The only "Sealand license plate" that ever turned up (show here) is to be considered a souvenir license plate.

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