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Suriname License Plates

(1) Bruce Pearson Collection
(2) Picture by Michiel van der Veur

Weight Classes - Private/Passenger

P1 Up to 800 kg
P2 801 - 1200 kg
P3 1201 - 1600 kg
P4 Over 1600 kg

Plate History

1950's - 1960's
I suffix = Half Year Tax Paid

More Suriname Plates

Suriname License Plates

(1) Jim Fox/Picture by Greg Gibson
(2) Bruce Pearson Collection
(3) Picture by A.v. Sauers

Country Information

Map of Suriname

Location South America
Capital Paramaribo
Main Religion Christianity, Hinduism, Islam
Main Languages Dutch, Sranan Tongo
History Independence from the Netherlands in 1975
International Oval SME

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