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American Samoa License Plates
(1) Thin dies
(2) Wide dies

Plate History

1920's - 1970's


AC Agriculture FA Federal Aviation Administraton PWD Public Works Dept.
AP Airport Authority FD Fire Department R Rental Car
C Cargo GO Governor SA (unknown)
CC Community College GS Government Supply SE Special Education
CF Correctional Facility IP Important Person ST School Transport
CI Criminal Investigation MB Motorcycle T Taxi
CJ Criminal Justice MC Medical Clinic TA Territorial Auditor
CP Commercial Truck, Bus MD Medical Doctor TT Tow Truck
CT (unknown) MP Motor Pool TV Television Station
DM University MS Medical Services US United States Congressman
DOT Coastguard MT Manpower Training UT Utility Division
DPS Dept. of Public Safety PD Police Department VR (unknown)
EC Early Childhood Dept. PM (unknown) WM Weight and Measures
ED Education Department PS Dept. of Public Safety WP Power Authority
EPA Environmental Prtection Agency PW (unknown) WR Wrecker

More American Samoan Plates

American Samoa License Plates
(1) Thin dies
(2) Wide dies

Jurisdiction Information

American Samoa Map

Location Pacific
Capital Pago Pago
Main Religion christianity
Main Languages Samoan, English
Political Status Self-governing unincorporated and unorganized territory of the United States of America
History American since 1899
International Oval USA


(3) Picture by MVLS (Motor Vehicle License Systems)
(4) Picture by Jukka Luoma

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