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Jurisdictions Currently Associated with France
Jurisdictions Formerly Associated with France
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2009 Series

French License Plates
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Plate History

1918 - 2009


French License Plates

French Military

French Military Plates

Canadian Flag Canadian Forces

Canada in France

German Flag German Forces

Germany in France

NATO Flag NATO Forces

N.A.T.O. in France

US American Flag United States Forces

U.S. in France

Jurisdictions Currently Associated With France

Clipperton Island

French Southern and Antarctic Territory

French Guiana (973)

French Polynesia (987)

Guadeloupe (971)

Martinique (972)

Mayotte (976)

New Caledonia (988)

Réunion (974)

Saint Barthélemy (971)

Saint Martin (971)

Saint Pierre & Miquelon (975)

Wallis & Futuna (986)

Jurisdictions Formerly Associated With France

French Indochina (Laos)

French Indochina (Vietnam)

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Olympics Flag Summer and Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games

German Flag French Forces in Germany

Country Information

France Map

Location Westen Europe
Capital Paris
Main Religion Christianity (catholicism)
Main Language French
History When the Empire of the Franks was split in 843, an independent France was the result.
France is a founding member of the European Union.
International Oval F


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