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1990's - Today
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Departmental Prefix Codes
General Service Administration Prefix Codes

1990's - Today

US Government License Plates

Plate History

1920's - 1940's

US Government License Plates

1940's - 1950's

US Government License Plates

1950's - 1980's

US Government License Plates

Departmental Prefix Codes

Vehicles owned by the federal government's individual departments can be identified by the alphabetic prefix code.

Code Description
A Agriculture Department
AC Air Coordinating Committee
ACT Action
AF Air Force
BPR Bureau of Public Roads
C Department of Commerce
CA Civil Aeronautics Board
CCC Civilian Conservation Corps
CE Corps of Engineers
C, D Consular & Diplomatic Corps
CP Capital Police
CPSC Consumer Product Safety Commission
CS Civil Service Commission
D Department of Defense
DA Defence Contract Audit Agency
DHS Department of Homeland Security
DLA Defensc Logistics Agency
DOT Department of Transportation
DS Defence Supply Agency
E Department of Energy
EB Export/Import Bank
ED Department of Education
ELSO European Logistics Support Office
EO Executive Office of the President
Council of Economic Advisors
National Security Council
Office of Management and Budget
EP Office of Emergency Planning
EPA Environmental Protection Agency
EPS Executive Protection Service
ES Economic Summit
FA Federal Aviation Agency
FC Federal Communications Commission
FD Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
FE Federal Emergency Management Agency
-- Fish and Wildlife Service
FM Federal Mediation & Conciliation Service
FP Federal Power Commission
FS Forest Service
FR Federal Reserve System
FT Federal Trade Commission
G Inter-Agency Motor Pool System
GA General Accounting Office
GP GovernmentPrinting Office
GS General Services Administration, also U.S. Geological Survey
H Department of Housing and Urban Development
HHS Department of Health and Human Services
HW Health, Education and Welfare
I Department of the Interior
IA Information Agency
IBC International Boundary Commission
ICC Interstate Commerce Commission
-- Internal Revenue Service
ITC International Trade Commission (?)
J Department of Justice
JB Judicial Branch of the Government
L Department of Labour
LA Development Land Agency
LB Legislative Branch of the Government
N Department of the Navy
NA National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
-- National Parks Service
NG National Guard Bureau
NH National Capital Housing Commission
NL National Labour Relations Board
NP National Capital Planning Commission
NRA National Recovery Act
NRC Nuclear Regulatory Commission
NS National Science Commission
OB Operations Coordinating Board
OEO Office of Economic Opportunity
OPM Office of Personnel Management
OSIA On-Site Inspection Agency
P US Postal Service
PC Panama Canal Commission
PCV Peace Corps Volunteers
-- Public Health Service
RB Renegotiation Board
RR Rail Road Retirement Board
S State Department
SB Small Business Administration
SE Securities and Exchange Commission
SH Soldiers and Sailors Home
SI Smithsonian Institute, National Gallery of Art
SS Selective Service System
T Department of the Treasury
TV Tennessee Valley Authority
US U.S. Government Vehicle
USDA US Department of Agriculture
-- US Army
-- US Coast Guard
-- US Customs
-- US Congress Staff Permit
-- US Fisheries
-- US Government - Police in District of Columbia
-- US Marine Corps
VA Veterans Administration
VI Virgin Islands Corporation
W Department of the Army
WPA Works Projects Administration
WRA War Relocation Authority

General Service Administration Prefix Codes

The General Service Administration (GSA) maintains vehicles in motor pools across the nation for official use by government agencies and departments. The prefix indicates the vehicle type.

Code Description Code Description
G11 Sedan - intermediate / subcompact G43 Truck - cargo 1 ton (4x2)
G12 Sedan - compact G61 Truck - cargo 1/2 ton and under (4x4)
G14 Sedan - standard regular G62 Truck - cargo 3/4 ton (4x4)
G21 Station wagon - subcompact / compact G63 Truck - cargo 1 ton (4x4)
G23 Station wagon - standard regular G71 Truck - cargo 12,500 - 23,999 GVW
G31 Ambulance, bus G81 Truck - cargo 24,000 GVW gasoline
G41 Truck - cargo 1/2 ton and under (4x2) G82 Truck - cargo 24,000 GVW diesel
G42 Truck - cargo 3/4 ton (4x2) G91 Truck, trailer, semi-trailer (special purpose vehicle)


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